SPIRIT-SHOP GATHERINGS (A workshop without the work)

Welcome to An Angelic Experience.  I am so very grateful that you were guided to this very spot at this very moment!  I believe that every encounter, every connection, every event is Divinely Guided and leads us to exactly what we need.  It is my sincere wish that you find exactly what you need and experience healing with An Angelic Experience.





I had the BEST time last night. I went out after work (yes I did). I was gifted with the best baby-feet-christmas-tree-222x300Reiki treatment ever, and a reflexology treatment also. I was in a bad way, and I am sorry about that, but Sammy and Rose-Ann fixed me all up. I was able to get rid of the sludge that was weighing me down and woke up this morning with a great feeling of calm and wellness, and, believe it or not, happiness. Thank you to my friend Colleen for getting me out there and just for being one of my best friends. If you ever get the chance to have Reiki or reflexology, or both, look up my friend, my hero Samantha Dennison. I love you Lady! ❤️😇❤️ See you Wednesday!!!

From a Sweet Soul!

Omg,, I feel like you are reading my mind,,, both cards are perfect,, I have been struggling with lWorld-in-handseaving my job and relocating to another school, I went this week to the new school to observe  and left with mixed emotions,, the next day I got a new daily assignment with the two most difficult boys in the school.. I’m  home sick in bed since Thursday with the stress that has been put on me.. I was told no one else can handle the boys ( one Austin and other emotionally disturbed)  way I do and I work best with them.. UUUUGGGHHHH!!  Yesterday I decided I am asking for a transfer after being in the same school for 10 years. It won’t happen till next fall but I need it for my mental health. the second card is about ****** and letting go of the daily sadness I have been carrying with me. I have never lost anyone I have loved this much and I know how lucky I was to fall in love with him twice. I just felt for the first time in 20 years that I found a friend, partner and lover, all in one!!

So I have been taking baby steps to better myself( quit smoking, started exercising 2 weeks ago and volunteering at a local music hall) all healthy things and all just for me!! I needed these cards more than you know and in bot
h counts it hit the nail on the head,, I used to read a book to my children called Come  along Daisy ,, it was about a  little white duck and doing the right thing,,,, I have ALWAYS used that expression with my children!!!

The cards could not have come at a better time and as always you are right on target!! Thank you for this gift before the holidays, I needed it more than I knew,, bless you my friend!!

BJSN 12/17/16

Helping another to grow